Beekeeping Suits & Jackets

Q. What Size Suit Should I Order?

Answer. To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:

All our bee suits have elasticated waist, the chest and waists have quite a wide range. For example, the waist on a Medium suit is (Regular Fit is 43 inches) and a (Max Fit is 48 Inches). This gives you the extra elasticated room if you need or a closer fit if you don’t. Though a have a 34 waist the extra room is great because I can wear under clothing for extra protection, comfort and room to bend a kneel when working my beehives.

A beekeeping suit should have a loose fit, as this will make it more comfortable to wear and more sting resistant. A tight suit will be difficult to move in and cause the fabric to be close to you skin, increasing your chance of being stung.

If the leg or sleeve are too short, this is not a problem as you are mostly likely to be wearing gloves with gauntlets and wellington boots. If the leg or sleeve are too long, you can roll these up or just leave them baggy.

Once you have finished measuring add 2 Inches to your measurements, for a comfortable suit that will give you ample room to move. 

  1. Collar to Ankle 
  2. Chest Waist 
  3. Collar to Crotch (Back Length) the most important measurement)
  4.  Inside Leg Sleeves