Bee SUIT & JACKET in SAND/PEACH .... January Launched

Since 2017, Massive Bee Store® was working on Beekeeping Clothing colors and styles. In 2017, Massive Bee Store® was the first ever Brand how introduce KHAKI Color Bee Suits and Bee Jackets. With the passage of time Massive Bee Store® were introduce SIX colors till 2022. 

Massive Bee Store® have Offering one New Color this January 2024 with two beekeeper veils style Round & Fencing for females. Massive Bee Store named it Sand/Peach color. Now the time being Massive Bee Store® have SEVEN colors for male and female.  

Most Popular color till 2023 in females are AQUA, PINK and OLIVE GREEN. due to our customer request, we will launching new and best color (Sand/Peach) for females in January 2024.

Get Ready to buy it with Massive Bee Store®. Make your season more protective and elegant. We will update you for discounts and gift SOON.